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Qty*** HP ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Call66898203F1EA PB440G8 I5-1135G7 141532.05  BGN  HPNB203F1EA
Call673336A1U0EA PB440G9 I7-1255U 141424.50  BGN  HPNB6A1U0EA6A1U0EA#ABB
Call669016GX00E LJ MFP M234SDNE PRINTER290.79  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-One6GX00E
Call669376GX01F LJ MFP M234SDW PRINTER461.17  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-One6GX01F
Avl671916GW99E LASERJET MFP M234DWE277.66  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-One6GW99E6GW99E
Avl669437MD72E LJ MFP M140WE PRINTER242.54  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-One7MD72E7MD72E
Call66947KVR32S22S6/8 8GB SODIM62.99  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesKVR32S22S6/8 KVR32S22S6/8
Call669968GB DDR4 3200 SODIM KINGS59.50  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesKVR32S22S6/8KVR32S22S6/8
Call6700550H55AA MULTIPORT HUB HP UNIV 149.25  BGN  HPPSG Accessories50H55AA
Call670316A7P3EA PRO TOWER 400 G9 I51251501.32  BGN  HPPC306A7P3EA
Call670486A7P1EA PRO SFF 400 G9 I5125001512.29  BGN  HPPC306A7P1EA6A7P1EA
Call670546A7J8EA PRO SFF 400 G9 I5125001095.26  BGN  HPPC306A7J8EA6A7J8EA
Call681486A7J5EA 400 G9 SFF I3-12100786.38  BGN  HPPC306A7J5EA 6A7J5EA#ABB
Call670325F0L7EA Z2 SFF G9 I712700 32GB2787.53  BGN  HPPC305F0L7EA
Call670335F0L8EA Z2 SFF G9 I712700 32GB2967.52  BGN  HPPC305F0L8EA
Call670345F0M4EA Z2 G9 TWR I712700 16G2330.99  BGN  HPPC305F0M4EA
Call670415F0M5EA Z2 G9 TWR I712700 32G2706.32  BGN  HPPC305F0M5EA5F0M5EA
Call670445F0L6EA Z2 SFF G9 I712700 16GB2278.32  BGN  HPPC305F0L6EA5F0L6EA
Call670795F0M6EA Z2 G9 TWR I712700 32GB3007.03  BGN  HPPC305F0M6EA
Call670845F0M8EA Z2 G9 TWR I912900 32GB3450.40  BGN  HPPC305F0M8EA5F0M8EA
Call670855F0M7EA Z2 G9 TWR I912900 32GB3314.31  BGN  HPPC305F0M7EA5F0M7EA
Call6708828B51A SMART TANK 725 AIO PRIN482.88  BGN  HPPrinters InkJet All-in-One28B51A
Call671195F0M1EA Z2 MINI G9 I712700 32G3825.73  BGN  HPPC305F0M1EA5F0M1EA
Call671205F0M0EA Z2 MINI G9 I712700 32G3272.61  BGN  HPPC305F0M0EA5F0M0EA
Call671215Y484EA EB640G9 I5-1235U 14 162197.10  BGN  HPNB5Y484EA5Y484EA
Call671225F0M2EA Z2 MINI G9 I712700 32G3615.01  BGN  HPPC305F0M2EA5F0M2EA
Call671235F0L9EA Z2 MINI G9 I712700 16G2596.58  BGN  HPPC305F0L9EA5F0L9EA
Call671245Y487EA EB640G9 I7-1255U 14 162249.78  BGN  HPPC305Y487EA5Y487EA
Call671255Y483EA EB640G9 I5-1235U 14 162067.60  BGN  HPNB5Y483EA5Y483EA
Call671265Y486EA EB640G9 I5-1235U 14 8G1883.23  BGN  HPNB5Y486EA5Y486EA
Call671875Y491EA EB650G9 I5-1235U 151920.55  BGN  HPNB5Y491EA5Y491EA
Call671885Y488EA EB650G9 I5-1235U 152001.76  BGN  HPNB5Y488EA5Y488EA
Call671895Y490EA EB650G9 I5-1235U 152179.54  BGN  HPNB5Y490EA5Y490EA
Call671905Y489EA EB650G9 I5-1235U 152052.24  BGN  HPNB5Y489EA5Y489EA
Call671275Z6B1EA EB860G9 I5-1235U 16 162407.81  BGN  HPNB5Z6B1EA5Z6B1EA
Call671515P6R7EA EB860G9 I7-1255U 16 162249.78  BGN  HPNB5P6R7EA5P6R7EA
Call671821Z980AA HP U28 4K MONITOR787.97  BGN  HPMonitor1Z980AA1Z980AA#ABB
Call6718128C12A SMART TANK 675 AIO PRIN412.17  BGN  HPPrinters InkJet All-in-One28C12A
Call671995Z6B5EA EB860G9 I7-1255U 162592.19  BGN  HPNB5Z6B5EA5Z6B5EA
Call672005Z6B6EA EB860G9 I7-1255U 162636.09  BGN  HPNB5Z6B6EA5Z6B6EA#ABH
Call672055Z6C1EA EB1040G9 I5-1235U 142607.55  BGN  HPNB5Z6C1EA 5Z6C1EA#ABH
Call672065Z6C2EA EB1040G9 I5-1235U 142853.38  BGN  HPNB5Z6C2EA5Z6C2EA#ABH
Call672075Z6C0EA EB1040G9 I5-1235U 142690.96  BGN  HPNB5Z6C0EA5Z6C0EA#ABH
Call672115Z6D1EA EB860G9 I5-1235U 16 8G2232.22  BGN  HPNB5Z6D1EA5Z6D1EA#ABH
Avl672125Z6B2EA EB860G9 I5-1235U 162148.82  BGN  HPNB5Z6B2EA5Z6B2EA#ABH
Call673366A2H3EA PB440G9 I5-1235U 14 8G1292.80  BGN  HPNB6A2H3EA6A2H3EA#ABB
Call673376F1E5EA PB450G9 I7-1255U 15 8G1490.34  BGN  HPNB6F1E5EA6F1E5EA#ABB
Call673386F1E6EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1139.16  BGN  HPNB6F1E6EA6F1E6EA#ABB
Call673395Z6D2EA ELITEBOOK 860 G9 - I5 2348.55  BGN  HPNB5Z6D2EA5Z6D2EA#ABH
Call673405P6R9EA ELITEBOOK 840 14 2107.11  BGN  HPNB5P6R9EA5P6R9EA#ABB
Call673415P6W2EA ELITEBOOK 830 13 2063.21  BGN  HPNB5P6W2EA5P6W2EA#ABB
Call673425P6W3EA ELITEBOOK 830 131909.57  BGN  HPNB5P6W3EA5P6W3EA#ABB
Call6734362T93EA ZBOOK STUDIO 15.66211.59  BGN  HPNB62T93EA62T93EA#ABB
Call673465M955EA ELITE MINI 800 G91819.58  BGN  HPPC305M955EA5M955EA#ABB
Call673475P6R8EA ELITEBOOK 860 16 G92557.07  BGN  HPNB5P6R8EA5P6R8EA#ABB
Call673485P6S0EA ELITE BOOK 840 14 G91865.67  BGN  HPNB5P6S0EA5P6S0EA#ABB
Call6735269Q86EA ZENBOOK FLY 16 G93557.95  BGN  HPNB69Q86EA 69Q86EA#ABB
Call673764L070EA EB X360 1030 G8 I72200.06  BGN  HPNB4L070EA 4L070EA#ABB
Call67377358V3EA EB X360 1040 G8 I72502.20  BGN  HPNB358V3EA 358V3EA#ABB
Call673783G2P0EA EB 840 G8 14 FHD1724.32  BGN  HPNB3G2P0EA3G2P0EA#ABB
Call673792Y2R6EA EB8750 G8 15.62066.15  BGN  HPNB2Y2R6EA2Y2R6EA#ABB
Call674236S6Z1 PROBOOK 450 G9 15.61213.35  BGN  HPNB6S6Z16S6Z1#ABB
Call674245Y3W1EA EB 650 G9 15.61538.63  BGN  XIAOMINB5Y3W1EA5Y3W1EA#ABB
Call6742672C71AA USB-C G5 ESSENTIAL DOC283.14  BGN  HPPSG Accessories72C71AA
Call674275M956EA ELITE MINI 800 G9 I7122140.04  BGN  HPPC305M956EA
Avl67598822116 PROXTEND X201 WEBCAM HD19.75  BGN  PSG Accessories822116
Avl67595821827 PROXTEND X301 WEBCAM HD28.53  BGN  PSG Accessories821827
Avl67600824297 PROXTEND X302 WEBCAM HD21.95  BGN  PSG Accessories824297
Avl67596821835 PROXTEND X501 WEBCAM HD32.92  BGN  PSG Accessories821835
Avl67599823875 PROXTEND XSTREAM 2K WEB46.09  BGN  PSG Accessories823875
Avl67597821836 PROXTEND X701 WEBCAM 4K100.97  BGN  PSG Accessories821836
Call67603428K7AA 3.5MM STHS G224.14  BGN  HPPSG Accessories428K7AA
Call676246S6T5EA 470 G9 17.3 FHD1309.50  BGN  HPNB6S6T5EA#ABB
Call67725266C9AA KBD 125 WD HP EURO21.95  BGN  HPPSG Accessories266C9AA266C9AA
Call677335F0C2EA Z2 G9 TWR I912900 32GB3711.59  BGN  HPPC305F0C2EA5F0C2EA#ABB
Call677675Y482EA EB640G9 I5-1235U 14 162060.12  BGN  HPNB5Y482EA5Y482EA#ABH
Call677685Z696EA EB840G9 I5-1235U 14 8G2406.19  BGN  HPNB5Z696EA5Z696EA#ABH
Call677695Z695EA EB840G9 I5-1235U 14 162510.98  BGN  HPNB5Z695EA5Z695EA#ABH
Call677706A140EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1723.92  BGN  HPNB6A140EA6A140EA#ABH
Call677716F219EA PB440G9 I5-1235U 14 161784.03  BGN  HPNB6F219EA6F219EA#ABH
Call677726S7F0EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1491.36  BGN  HPNB6S7F0EA6S7F0EA#ABH
Call677736S7F1EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1483.52  BGN  HPNB6S7F1EA6S7F1EA#ABH
Call68344725J6EA PB450G10 I5-1335U 151270.85  BGN  HPNB725J6EA725J6EA#ABB
Call67774286J4AA 225 WIRED MOUSE AND KB28.10  BGN  HPPSG Accessories286J4AA286J4AA#UUZ
Call678516F2A1EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD N4500405.20  BGN  HPNB6F2A1EA 6F2A1EA#ABB
Call678525Y440EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD N6000431.53  BGN  HPNB5Y440EA 5Y440EA#ABB
Call678535Y3X5EA 255 G9 15.6 FHD R5-562674.21  BGN  HPNB5Y3X5EA 5Y3X5EA#ABB
Call678556S778EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD I5-123831.03  BGN  HPNB6S778EA 6S778EA#AAB
Avl678566S6Y9EA PROBOOK 450 G9 15.6 FH1468.39  BGN  HPNB6S6Y9EA6S6Y9EA#ABB
Call678576S6Y8EA PROBOOK 450 G9 15.6 FH1481.21  BGN  HPNB6S6Y8EA6S6Y8EA#ABB
Call678586A296EA PROBOOK 450 G9 15.6 FH1279.75  BGN  HPNB6A296EA6A296EA#ABB
Call678595P6J2EA EB 855 G8 15.6 FHD901.42  BGN  HPNB5P6J2EA5P6J2EA#ABB
Call678606F666EA EB 830 G9 13.3 FHD1502.40  BGN  HPNB6F666EA6F666EA#ABB
Call678613G2R8EA EB 840 AERO G8 14 FHD1253.02  BGN  HPNB3G2R8EA3G2R8EA#ABB
Call67862358Q2EA EB 850 G8 15.6 FHD1151.84  BGN  HPNB358Q2EA358Q2EA#ABB
Call678635Z6D3EA EB 840 G9 14 FHD1322.51  BGN  HPNB5Z6D3EA5Z6D3EA#ABB
Call678645P741EA EB 860 G9 16 FJHD1322.51  BGN  HPNB5P741EA5P741EA#ABB
Call678746A244EA 255G9 15.6 FHD R3-5425493.34  BGN  HPNB6A244EA6A244EA#ABB
Call678756A1A3EA 255G9 15.6 FHD R3-5425471.59  BGN  HPNB6A1A3EA6A1A3EA#ABB

All prices are in BGN and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers prices