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Qty*** HP ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Avl35582416569-B21 X5120 DL360G5 KIT66.63  BGN  HPServers CPU416569-B21416569-B21
Avl35791416889-B21 X5140 ML350G5 KIT65.85  BGN  HPServers CPU
Avl44450516006-B21 DEDICATED MGMT PORT54.87  BGN  HPServers Accessories516006-B21
Avl44498635583-B21 DL180G6 E5606 KIT417.03  BGN  HPServers CPU635583-B21
Avl34062355892-B21 HTPLG RPS DL380 G4173.44  BGN  HPServers Accessories#355892-B21 HP DL380 G4 IEC Hot Plug RPS
Call40285512485-B21 ILO ADV PACK 1-SRVR219.49  BGN  HPServers Accessories512485-B21
Call34063DE467A 512MB PC3200 (DDR400)19.79  BGN  HPPSG Accessories#DE467A 512MB PC3200 (DDR400) DIMM
Avl40107Q1539B ULTRIUM 960 EXT TAPE3063.84  BGN  HPServers Tape DrivesQ1539B
Call45707KD061AA PARALLEL PORT ADAPTER 15.36  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesKD061AAKD061AA
Call41074EY018AA WL LASER MOUSE40.61  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesEY018AA
Call46340A7E32AA 90W DOCKING STATION117.45  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesA7E32AA
Avl46339A7E34AA 230W DOCKING STATION267.78  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesA7E34AA
Call598701PM64AA USB-C MINI DOCK105.36  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1PM64AA1PM64AA
Call58307P5Q58AA ZBOOK 150W TB3 DOCK291.92  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesP5Q58AAP5Q58AA
Call34466EN488AA DOCKING STATION 1.1186.57  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesEN488AAEN488AA
Avl45782EQ773AA 2400 SERIES DOCKING ST65.85  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesEQ773AA
Avl44302452148-B22 ICE NM 1-SVR SUPPRT680.42  BGN  HPServers Accessories452148-B22452148-B22
Avl44788481047-B21 9.5MM SATA DVD RW K158.03  BGN  HPServers Accessories481047-B21
Call40972FX406AA URBANLIFE COURIER BAG64.93  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesFX406AA
Call633746KD04AA EXECUTIVE 14.1 SLIM54.87  BGN  HPPSG Accessories6KD04AA6KD04AA
Call45416NL571AA USB GRAPHICS ADAPTER57.07  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesNL571AA
Call57609K5Q03AA 17.3 OMEN BACKPACK48.29  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesK5Q03AAK5Q03AA
Call57583F3W17AA 15.6 SPORT BACKPACK32.92  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesF3W17AAF3W17AA
Call36092RR315AA UNIVERSAL NYLON CASE50.95  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesRR315AARR315AA
Call37509AJ078AA BASIC CARRYING CASE27.44  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesAJ078AAAJ078AA
Call38966KR145AA L1950G LCD MONITOR270.50  BGN  HPMonitorKR145AA
Call35331ED495AA 90W SMART AC ADAPTER41.74  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesED495AAED495AA
Call35560ED494AA 65W SMART AC ADAPTER31.36  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesED494AA
Call34539PM979A NVIDIA QUADRO FX1400131.69  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesPM979APM979A
Avl36598AE311A HP FC1142SR 4GB SP HBA1308.17  BGN  HPServers Storage Controllers#AE311A HP FC1142SR 4Gb PCI-E HBAAE311A
Avl47922AE311A FC1142 4GB PCI-E691.40  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersAE311A
Avl47921AE312A FC1242 4GB PCI-E954.79  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersAE312A
Avl46884AE379A MDS9000 4GB FC SFP932.84  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersAE379A
Call38812AE466A SAS EXT-MIN 1X2M CABLE 151.45  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesAE466A
Call36998AF611A 1X4 USB/PS2 KVM SWITCH384.11  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesAF611A HP 1x4 USB/PS2 KVM Cnsl SwitchAF611A
Call52121AF616A 0X2X8 KVM SVR CNSL G2930.64  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesAF616AAF616A
Call41720AF618A 0X2X16 KVM SVR CNSL G2 2304.65  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesAF618AAF618A
Call52075AF617A 0X2X16 KVM SVR CNSL SW 1316.95  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesAF617A
Call49310AJ762B HP 81E 8GB SP HBA899.91  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersAJ762B
Avl47778AJ763B 82E 8GB DUAL PORT HBA1207.20  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersAJ763B
Call45598AK344A HP 81Q 8GB SP HBA1043.33  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersAK344A
Call40731462969-B21 650MAH P-SERI BATT175.59  BGN  HPServers Storage Controllers462969-B21
Call43585KU532AA 6800S/6700S 8-C BATT86.23  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesKU532AA
Call40227U2090E INSTALL STOR AUTOLDR349.50  BGN  HPCare PacksU2090E
Call40228U2861E 3Y 4H 24X7 STORWRKS SUP4270.63  BGN  HPCare PacksU2861E
Call55390U2JE4PE CARE PACK154.43  BGN  HPCare PacksU2JE4PE
Call57214U2JE1PE CARE PACK351.19  BGN  HPCare PacksU2JE1PE
Call55393U2JN8PE CARE PACK463.36  BGN  HPCare PacksU2JN8PE
Call55396U2UT0PE CARE PACK815.43  BGN  HPCare PacksU2UT0PE
Avl45299CQ775A BATTERY FOR OJET MOBILE19.75  BGN  HPIPG AccessoriesCQ775A
Avl45629RX932AA 2700 ULTRA SLIM BATT248.10  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesRX932AARX932AA
Avl47987Q2011A LTO-5 BARCODE LABELS219.49  BGN  HPServers Tape DrivesQ2011AQ2011A
Call36114U4554E HP INSTALLATION499.89  BGN  HPCare PacksU4554E
Call37648U4512E 3Y 4H 13X5 ML350 SUPP592.63  BGN  HPCare PacksU4512E
Call37649U4544E 3Y 4H 13X5 ML38X SUPP1068.92  BGN  HPCare PacksU4544E
Call42632H4622E 3Y 4H 24X7 STOR DLT SUP1881.94  BGN  HPCare PacksH4622E
Call42456U8084E 5Y 4H 24X7 SUPPORT1940.50  BGN  HPCare PacksU8084E
Avl36113U8118E 4Y 4H 24X7 DL38X SUPP1538.87  BGN  HPCare PacksU8118E
Avl37840262588-B21 IP CONSOIC INT ADPT63.65  BGN  HPServers Accessories262588-B21
Call40306HC119E 3Y 4HR 13X5 CLJ4730 HW2093.59  BGN  HPCare PacksHC119E
Call40140ZD031A DLVR SRVC MONITOR26.03  BGN  HPCare PacksZD031A
Avl35705U4415E 3Y NBD ONSITE NB SUPP105.83  BGN  HPCare PacksU4415E
Call59446U4414E 3Y NEXTDAY EVO N4/6/8XX97.99  BGN  HPCare PacksU4414E
Call38546AC114A HP DOOR/DOCK MEDIUM PRO43.90  BGN  HPCare PacksAC114A
Call41243UE480E 3Y 6H 24X7 C7000 SPRT2014.93  BGN  HPCare PacksUE480E
Call43025UE725PE2192.71  BGN  HPCare PacksUE725PE
Call41245UK110E 3Y 6H 24X7 BL6XXC SPRT2148.82  BGN  HPCare PacksUK110E
Call40447UE296E 3Y 4H MSL 2024 HWR SUP2693.86  BGN  HPCare PacksUE296E
Call41491UE671E 4Y NBD ONSITE LJ SUPP1413.29  BGN  HPCare PacksUE671E
Call42153UE665E CAREPACK NBD 2Y438.98  BGN  HPCare PacksUE665E
Call43677UE670E438.98  BGN  HPCare PacksUE670E
Avl49994UM137E 3Y STD EXCH CLJ-E SUPP70.67  BGN  HPCare PacksUM137E
Call35748U4418E 3Y NEXTBUSDAY ONSITE NB142.28  BGN  HPCare PacksU4418E
Call39821U4433E SERVICE PACK223.88  BGN  HPCare PacksU4433E
Call39590U4545E SERVICE PACK1349.87  BGN  HPCare PacksU4545E
Call43675U4546E SERVICE PACK2192.71  BGN  HPCare PacksU4546E
Call43253H7668E 3Y NBD LJ4100 SUPP427.28  BGN  HPCare PacksH7668E
Call40106U4823E INSTALLATION STORAG SVC380.13  BGN  HPCare PacksU4823E
Avl43342HA839A1 FCTRY EXPRESS SVR SYS28.53  BGN  HPCare PacksHA839A1
Avl37650UA008E 4Y NBD DL36X SUPP335.82  BGN  HPCare PacksUA008E
Avl37651UA022E 4Y NBD ML350 SUPP329.24  BGN  HPCare PacksUA022E
Avl37652U9508E 3Y NBD DL14X SUPP296.31  BGN  HPCare PacksU9508E
Avl37653UA021E 5Y NBD ML350 SUPP746.27  BGN  HPCare PacksUA021E
Avl37654UA007E 5Y NBD DL36X SUPP847.23  BGN  HPCare PacksUA007E
Avl37655UA009E 5Y NBD DL38X SUPP1413.52  BGN  HPCare PacksUA009E
Avl37656UA240E 5Y NBD DL320 SUPP807.73  BGN  HPCare PacksUA240E
Call37657U4395E 3Y PICKUP&RET NB SVC252.41  BGN  HPCare PacksU4395E
Avl43678UJ998E 3Y STD EXCH SCANJ 5X/6X150.72  BGN  HPCare PacksUJ998E
Call38634U4528E 3Y 4H 13X ML370 SUPPORT1468.39  BGN  HPCare PacksU4528E
Call43021U4529E2192.71  BGN  HPCare PacksU4529E
Call39188U4693E INSTALL UPS 3KVA/6KVA295.37  BGN  HPCare PacksU4693E
Call38205U4513E 3Y 24X7 ML350 SUPPORT691.04  BGN  HPCare PacksU4513E
Call43676UD906E SERVICE PACK1097.45  BGN  HPCare PacksUD906E
Call44023UX435E 3YNBD EXCH CLJ169.05  BGN  HPCare PacksUX435E
Avl49995UX453E 3Y STD EXCH LJ MFP-M70.24  BGN  HPCare PacksUX453E
Call41917H5478E CAREPACK2192.71  BGN  HPCare PacksH5478E

All prices are in BGN and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers prices