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Qty*** HP_ ***1.2.
C9483A_91 CYAN /3PCS /EXP309.25309.25  USD  
C9486A_91 LIGHT CYAN/3PCS /EXP309.25309.25  USD  
C9398A_HP 72 PHO. CYAN CRT/EXP21.0821.08  USD  
C9414A_NO38 LIGHT GREY /EXP14.4014.40  USD  
C9390A_130ML LCYAN CRTG /EXP34.3234.32  USD  
C9387AE_NO.88 MAGENTA MED/EXP7.127.12  USD  
51640CE_NO40 CYANCARTR/EXP15.7715.77  USD  
C4846A_HP NO80 CYAN CARTR./EXP68.5968.59  USD  
C4872A_CYAN CARTRIDGE /EXP42.0442.04  USD  
C8771EE_HP 363 CYAN SM CRT/EXP4.964.96  USD  
C5018A_NO84 LIGHT MAG/EXP 19.9719.97  USD  
C5017A_NO84 LIGHT CYAN/EXP 19.9719.97  USD  
C5004A_83 UV LIGHT CYAN/EXP 137.93137.93  USD  
C4923AE_NO14 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP16.8016.80  USD  
C4961A_83 UV CYAN HEAD /EXP 88.0288.02  USD  
C4873A_YELLOWCARTR/EXP51.9951.99  USD  
C4874A_MAGENTACARTR/EXP42.0442.04  USD  
51625AE_NO25 COLOR CRTG / EXP15.6615.66  USD  
51633ME_NO33 BLACKCARTR/EXP13.2413.24  USD  
51629AE_NO29 BLACKCARTR/EXP16.0616.06  USD  
C4940A_83 UV BLACK INK/EXP 112.55112.55  USD  
C4932A_81 DYE MAGENTA INK/EXP 90.0390.03  USD  
C4931A_81 DYE CYAN INK/EXP 90.0390.03  USD  
C1893A_DESIGJET CYAN UV/EXP 124.41124.41  USD  
C1892A_DESIGJET BLACK UV/EXP 124.41124.41  USD  
51640ME_NO40 MAGENTACARTR/EXP15.7715.77  USD  
51640YE_NO40 YELLOWCARTR/EXP15.7715.77  USD  
51649AE_NO49 COLORCARTR/EXP16.3916.39  USD  
51649NE_NO49 COLOR CRTG / EXP 9.659.65  USD  
Q1899B OPAQUE SCRIM 42X50183.58183.58  USD  
C5011DE_NO14 BLACKCARTR/EXP10.6810.68  USD  
C5010DE_NO14 COLORCARTR/EXP14.1614.16  USD  
C4920AE_NO14 BLACK PRINTH/EXP16.8016.80  USD  
C4922AE_NO14 MAGEN PRINTH/EXP16.8016.80  USD  
C5060A_HP90 CYAN INK CRTG/EXP 67.3167.31  USD  
C5020A_PRINTH/EXP CYAN/EXP 19.8019.80  USD  
C9435A_NO.85 L.MAGENTA/EXP 41.1841.18  USD  
C9434A_NO.85 L.CYAN/EXP 41.1841.18  USD  
C9433A_NO.85 YELLOW/EXP 41.1841.18  USD  
C9432A_NO.85 MAGENTA/EXP 36.6136.61  USD  
C9431A_NO.85 CYAN/EXP 36.6136.61  USD  
C9430A_N0.84 3-INK MULTYPA/EXP40.0440.04  USD  
C9408A_70 BLUE-GREEN HEAD/EXP 29.0729.07  USD  
CG927EE_VALUE PACK /EXP 12.3712.37  USD  
CC656AE_HP901 COLOR CRTG/EXP 8.098.09  USD  
CB304AE_110 TRI-COLOR /EXP 10.5210.52  USD  
CB333EE_363 INKJET CRTG /EXP 12.9112.91  USD  
Q7948EE_343 SERIES PH.PACK/EXP9.849.84  USD  
C5064A_HP90 YELLOW CRTG/EXP 67.3167.31  USD  
C5062A_NO90 MAGENTA /EXP 67.3167.31  USD  
C4921AE_NO14 CYAN PRINTH/EXP16.8016.80  USD  
C4842AE_NO10 YELLOWCARTR/EXP15.5615.56  USD  
C4817AE_NO13 YELL INK CRTG/EXP12.4512.45  USD  
C4815AE_NO13 CYAN INK CRTG/EXP12.4512.45  USD  
C4806A_NO12 YELLOWCARTR/EXP31.6931.69  USD  
C9406A_70 MAG+YELL HEAD/EXP 27.6827.68  USD  
C9361EE_HP 342 TRI-COLOR/EXP 8.188.18  USD  
C8775EE_HP 363 LT MAGNT SM/EXP4.964.96  USD  
C8773EE_363 YELLOW SM CRT/EXP 4.964.96  USD  
C4805A_NO12 MAGENTACARTR/EXP16.8016.80  USD  
C4821A_NO.80 CYAN PRINTH/EXP76.5076.50  USD  
C4822A_NO80 MAGENTA PRINTH/EXP76.5076.50  USD  
C9457A_NO70 130ML GREEN /EXP 33.6533.65  USD  
C4823A_NO.80 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP76.5076.50  USD  
C5026A_NO12 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP34.9134.91  USD  
C5025A_NO12 MAGENTA PRINTH/EXP34.9134.91  USD  
C5024A_NO12 CYAN PRINTH/EXP34.9134.91  USD  
51645AE NO45 BLACK CARTRIDGE43.9343.93  USD  
51649AE NO49 COLOR CARTRIDGE42.4642.46  USD  
51650YE NO50 YELLOW CARTRIDGE18.7518.75  USD  
C9385AE HP 88 BLACK INK CRTRG24.7524.75  USD  
C9387AE NO.88 MAGENTA MEDIUM18.9418.94  USD  
C9388AE NO.88 YELLOW MEDIUM18.9418.94  USD  
C9392AE HP 88 MGNTA INK CRTRG30.7530.75  USD  
C9393AE HP 88 YELLOW INK CRTRG30.7530.75  USD  
C9396AE HP 88 BLACK INK CRTRG 43.1243.12  USD  
C1823GE NO23 TRICOLOR CRTRDGE23.8423.84  USD  
C4906AE 940XL BLACK OJET CRTRG37.4637.46  USD  
C4907AE 940XL CYAN CRTRDG27.0427.04  USD  
C4908AE 940XL MAGENTA CRTRDG26.9926.99  USD  
C4909AE 940XL YELLOW CRTRDG24.6124.61  USD  
C4810A NO11 BLACK PRINTHEAD43.9343.93  USD  
C4811A NO11 CYAN PRINTHEAD43.9343.93  USD  
C4816AE NO13 MAGENT INK CRTRDG30.4230.42  USD  
C4817AE NO13 YELLOW INK CRTRDG30.4230.42  USD  
C4844A N10 BLACK INK CARTRIDGE46.6046.60  USD  
C4836A NO11 CYAN CARTRIDGE43.6143.61  USD  
C4837A NO11 MAGENTA CARTRIDGE43.6143.61  USD  
C4838A NO11 YELLOW CARTRIDGE43.6143.61  USD  
C4911A NO82 CYAN CARTRIDGE48.3448.34  USD  
C4912A NO82 MAGENTA CARTRIDGE48.3448.34  USD  
C4913A NO82 YELLOW CARTRIDGE48.3448.34  USD  
C6615DE NO15 BLACK CARTRIDGE41.9241.92  USD  
C6656AE NO56 BLACK CARTRIDGE27.5627.56  USD  
C6657AE NO57 COLOR CARTRIDGE51.0051.00  USD  
C8728AE NO28 COLOR CARTRIDGE28.7228.72  USD  
92275A LJ IIP/IIP+/IIIP TONER67.1667.16  USD  
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* All prices are in USD and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers’ prices.