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Qty*** NOTEBOOK ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Call60847MSI GT75 TITAN 8SG-217BG /I97514.17  BGN  MSIGaming High /VGA GTX1070 and upGT75 TITAN 8SG-217BG9S7-17A611-217MSI I9-8 64G RTX2080 1TB SSD 17.3 FHD 144HZ WIN10 M2 COMBO BLACK KBLIGHT
Avl60054MSI PS42 8RB-273BG2231.80  BGN  MSIUltrabook And Powerful and Light NBPS42 8RB-273BG 9S7-14B121-2739S7-14B121-273MSI I7-8 8G MX150 512GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 COMBO SILVER SLIM KBLIGHT
Avl60055MSI PS42 8M-275BG1728.40  BGN  MSIUltrabook And Powerful and Light NBPS42 8M-275BG 9S7-14B141-2759S7-14B141-275MSI I5-8 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 COMBO SILVER SLIM KBLIGHT
Avl60056MSI PS42 8M-279BG1911.70  BGN  MSIUltrabook And Powerful and Light NBPS42 8M-279BG 9S7-14B141-2799S7-14B141-279MSI I7-8 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 COMBO SILVER SLIM KBLIGHT
Avl60440MSI PS42 MODERN 8RC-061XBG1920.00  BGN  MSIUltrabook And Powerful and Light NBPS42 MODERN 8RC-061XBG9S7-14B211-061MSI I7-8 8G GTX1050 256GB SSD 14 FHD M2 COMBO SILVER SLIM KBLIGHT
Avl60845MSI PS63 MODERN 8RC-076XBG2170.30  BGN  MSIBusinessPS63 MODERN 8RC-076XBG9S7-16S111-076MSI I7-8 8G GTX1050 512GB SSD 15.6 FHD M2 COMBO BLACK THIN KBLIGHT
Avl60373MSI P65 CREATOR 8RE-085XBG3173.00  BGN  MSIBusinessP65 CREATOR 8RE-085XBG9S7-16Q312-085MSI I7-8 16G GTX1060 512GB SSD 15.6 FHD M2 COMBO SILVER THIN KBLIGHT
Avl60374MSI P65 CREATOR 8RD-086XBG2421.00  BGN  MSIBusinessP65 CREATOR 8RD-086XBG9S7-16Q312-086MSI I7-8 8G GTX1050Ti 256GB SSD 15.6 FHD M2 COMBO SILVER THIN KBLIGHT
Call54456LENOVO 100-15IBY / 80MJ00E5BM391.95  BGN  LENOVOIntel Celeron /Internal VGA100-15IBY80MJ00E5BM
Avl60955LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV003XBM433.44  BGN  LENOVOIntel Celeron /Internal VGA81MV003XBM S145-15IWL81MV003XBMLENOVO CEL 4G INT 128GB SSD 15.6 HD GREY
Call60957LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV003WBM457.91  BGN  LENOVOIntel Celeron /Internal VGA81MV003WBM S145-15IWL 81MV003WBM
Call60954LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV001JBM542.10  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81MV001JBM S145-15IWL81MV001JBM
Avl61054LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV0026BM959.72  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81MV0026BM S145-15IWL81MV0026BM
Call61278LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV00L8RM0.00  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81MV00L8RM S145-15IWL81MV00L8RM
Call61310LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV0050RM420.29  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81MV0050RM S145-15IWL 81MV0050RM
Call61323LENOVO S145-15IWL / 81MV00L9RM0.00  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81MV00L9RM S145-15IWL81MV00L9RM
Call59679LENOVO 330S-14IKB / 81F400PMBM1068.78  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81F400PMBM 330S-14IKB81F400PMBMI5-8 8G INT 256GB SSD 14.0 FHD M2 PCIE GREY THIN KBLIGHT
Avl59805LENOVO 330S-14IKB / 81F400BCBM918.28  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81F400BCBM 330S-14IKB81F400BCBMLENOVO I5-8 4G INT 14.0 FHD M2 SATA BLUE KBLIGHT
Call60145LENOVO 330S-14IKB / 81F4011CBM617.30  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81F4011CBM 330S-14IKB 81F4011CBMPEN 4G INT 256GB SSD 14 HD M2 PCIE PINK THIN KBLIGHT
Avl60003LENOVO 330S-14IKB / 81F400BABM700.80  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81F400BABM 330S-14IKB 81F400BABMLENOVO I3-7 6G INT 128GB SSD 14 FHD M2 SATA GREY THIN KBLIGHT
Avl60512LENOVO 330S-14IKB / 81F401C0BM884.98  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /Internal VGA81F401C0BM 330S-14IKB 81F401C0BMLENOVO I3-8 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD M2 SATA BLUE THIN KBLIGHT
Call60136LENOVO 330S-15IKB / 81F500VFBM792.71  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81F500VFBM 330S-15IKB 81F500VFBMI3-8 6G INT 128GB SSD 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE GREY THIN KBLIGHT
Call61237LENOVO 330S-15IKB / 81F501CDBM978.40  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81F501CDBM 330S-15IKB81F501CDBM
Avl60956LENOVO 330S-15ARR / 81FB002WBM609.11  BGN  LENOVORyzen /Internal VGA81FB002WBM 330S-15ARR81FB002WBMLENOVO RYZEN 3 4G INT 15.6 FHD GRAY
Avl59942LENOVO 330-15ICH / 81FK003GBM1377.11  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FK003GBM 330-15ICH81FK003GBMLENOVO I7-8 8G GTX1050 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE GREY 192563923527
Avl59943LENOVO 330-15ICH / 81FK008TBM1168.01  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /External VGA81FK008TBM 330-15ICH81FK008TBMLENOVO I5-8 8G GTX1050 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE GREY 192940406681
Call59992LENOVO 330-15ICH / 81FK0038BM1126.99  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /External VGA330-15ICH 81FK0038BM81FK0038BM
Avl60572LENOVO 330-15ICH / 81FK00F4BM1501.67  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I7 /External VGA81FK00F4BM 330-15ICH81FK00F4BMLENOVO I7-8 8G GTX1050 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK
Call60971LENOVO 330-15ICH / 81FK00HBBM1162.22  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81FK00HBBM 330-15ICH81FK00HBBM
Call59927LENOVO 330-17ICH / 81FL002JBM1252.22  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FL002JBM 330-17ICH81FL002JBMLENOVO I5-8 8G GTX1050 17.3 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK 192563923787
Call59994LENOVO 330-17ICH / 81FL002KBM1552.41  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FL002KBM 330-17ICH81FL002KBMLENOVO I7-8 8G GTX1050 17.3 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK 192563923541
Avl59666LENOVO 330-15IKB /81DE00KFBM876.00  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /Internal VGA81DE00KFBM 330-15IKB 81DE00KFBMI5-8 8G INT 15.6 FHD GREY 192563922742
Avl59669LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE00KCBM734.20  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /External VGA81DE00KCBM 330-15IKB 81DE00KCBMLENOVO I3-7 8G R530 15.6 FHD GREY
Call59667LENOVO 330-15IKB /81DE00KGBM884.37  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /Internal VGA81DE00KGBM 330-15IKB 81DE00KGBMI5-8 8G INT 15.6 FHD BLUE 192563922759
Avl59668LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE00KPBM776.19  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /External VGA81DE00KPBM 330-15IKB 81DE00KPBMLENOVO I3-7 6G MX150 15.6 FHD BLUE
Avl59564LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE00KNBM1168.73  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I7 /External VGA81DE00KNBM 330-15IKB81DE00KNBMLENOVO I7-8 8G MX150 15.6 FHD BLACK
Avl60619LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE00KHBM984.63  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /External VGA81DE00KHBM 330-15IKB 81DE00KHBMLENOVO I5-8 8G MX150 15.6 FHD BLACK 192563922766
Call60960LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE00K9BM809.06  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81DE00K9BM 330-15IKB 81DE00K9BM
Avl59575LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100EEBM483.74  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D100EEBM 330-15IGM81D100EEBMLENOVO PEN 4G INT 15.6 HD WHITE
Avl59993LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DC00K1BM583.96  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /External VGA81DC00K1BM 330-15IKB 81DC00K1BMLENOVO I3-6 4G INT 15.6 FHD GREY 193268065857
Call59996LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DC00KDBM793.20  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /External VGA81DC00KDBM 330-15IKB 81DC00KDBMLENOVO I3-7 6G MX130 15.6 FHD BLUE 193268065970
Call59997LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DC00KERM826.03  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /External VGA81DC00KERM 330-15IKB 81DC00KERM
Avl59998LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DC00K7BM834.77  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /External VGA81DC00K7BM 330-15IKB 81DC00K7BMLENOVO I3-7 8G MX130 15.6 FHD GREY 193268065918
Call60000LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DC007DRM792.28  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /Internal VGA81DC007DRM 330-15IKB 81DC007DRM
Avl60570LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE01RFBM901.64  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /External VGA81DE01RFBM 330-15IKB81DE01RFBMLENOVO I3-8 8G MX150 15.6 FHD BLUE 193268098367
Call60620LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE01S6RM862.60  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81DE01S6RM 330-15IKB 81DE01S6RM
Call60958LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE0185RM642.42  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81DE0185RM 330-15IKB 81DE0185RM
Call60959LENOVO 330-15IKB / 81DE0184BM642.42  BGN  LENOVONB LENOVO81DE0184BM 330-15IKB 81DE0184BM
Avl59665LENOVO 330-15IGM /81D10080BM550.69  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /External VGA81D10080BM 330-15IGM 81D10080BMLENOVO PEN 4G R530 15.6 HD BLUE
Avl59663LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D1007VBM500.44  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D1007VBM 330-15IGM 81D1007VBMPEN 4G INT 15.6 HD BLUE
Avl59664LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D1007YBM550.69  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /External VGA81D1007YBM 330-15IGM 81D1007YBMPEN 4G R530 15.6 HD GREY
Call59662LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D1007QBM483.74  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D1007QBM 330-15IGM 81D1007QBMLENOVO PEN 4G INT 15.6 HD GREY
Avl59659LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D1007LBM433.47  BGN  LENOVOIntel Celeron /Internal VGA81D1007LBM 330-15IGM81D1007LBMLENOVO CEL 4G INT 15.6 HD GREY 192563921400
Avl59660LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D1007MBM433.47  BGN  LENOVOIntel Celeron /Internal VGA81D1007MBM 330-15IGM 81D1007MBMLENOVO CEL 4G INT 15.6 HD WHITE 192563921417
Avl59661LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D1007NBM433.36  BGN  LENOVOIntel Celeron /Internal VGA81D1007NBM 330-15IGM 81D1007NBMLENOVO CEL 4G INT 15.6 HD BLUE
Call59968LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100EQRM583.69  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /External VGA81D100EQRM 330-15IGM81D100EQRM
Call59969LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100L5BM517.19  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D100L5BM 330-15IGM81D100L5BMPEN 4G INT 15.6 FHD BLUE 193268098145
Call59995LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100L4BM500.32  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D100L4BM 330-15IGM 81D100L4BMLENOVO PEN 4G INT 15.6 FHD GREY 193268098138
Call59970LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100L6BM517.19  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D100L6BM 330-15IGM81D100L6BMPEN 4G INT 15.6 FHD WHITE 193268098152
Call60410LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100LQRM550.69  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /Internal VGA81D100LQRM 330-15IGM81D100LQRMPEN 4G INT 15.6 FHD BLACK 193268139374
Avl60409LENOVO 330-15IGM / 81D100L7BM642.72  BGN  LENOVOIntel Pentium /External VGA81D100L7BM 330-15IGM81D100L7BMLENOVO PEN 4G R530 15.6 FHD BLUE 193268098169
Avl59991LENOVO 330-15ARR / 81D200BSBM834.44  BGN  LENOVOAMD Ryzen /External VGA81D200BSBM 330-15ARR81D200BSBMLENOVO RYZEN 5 8G RX540 15.6 FHD BLUE 193268065437
Avl60057LENOVO 330-15ARR / 81D200BTBM1151.43  BGN  LENOVOAMD Ryzen /External VGA81D200BTBM 330-15ARR 81D200BTBMLENOVO RYZEN 7 8G RX540 256GB SSD 15.6 FHD GREY 193268065444
Avl58280LENOVO 520-15IKB / 80YL00TABM1167.69  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /External VGA80YL00TABM 520-15IKB80YL00TABMLENOVO I5-7 8G GT940MX 256GB SSD DVD 15.6 FHD GREY
Avl58286LENOVO 520-15IKB /81BF004EBM1292.82  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I7 /External VGA81BF004EBM 520-15IKB81BF004EBMLENOVO I7-8 8G MX150 DVD 15.6 FHD BRONZE
Avl57785LENOVO 520-15IKB / 80YL00BVBM1125.97  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I5 /External VGA80YL00BVBM 520-15IKB80YL00BVBMLENOVO I5-7 8G GT940MX 256GB SSD DVD 15.6 FHD GREY
Avl57776LENOVO 520S-14IKB/ 80X20080BM1268.40  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB80X20080BM 520S-14IKB80X20080BMLENOVO I5-7 8G GT940MX DVD 14 FHD GOLDEN THIN
Avl58296LENOVO 520S-14IKB/ 80X200FNBM1460.01  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB80X200FNBM 520S-14IKB80X200FNBMLENOVO I7-7 8G GT940MX 256GB SSD DVD 14 FHD M2 PCIE GREY THIN
Avl58390LENOVO 720-15IKB / 81AG004FBM1586.41  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB81AG004FBM 720-15IKB81AG004FBMLENOVO I7-7 8G RX560 15.6 FHD GREY
Avl58112LENOVO 720S-13IKB / 81A80054BM1878.35  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB81A80054BM 720S-13IKB81A80054BMLENOVO I7-7 8G INT 256GB SSD 13.3 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE GRAY SLIM
Avl58405LENOVO 720S-13IKB / 81A800A5BM1669.70  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB81A800A5BM 720S-13IKB81A800A5BMLENOVO I5-7 8G INT 13.3 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE CHAMPAGNE SLIM
Avl59618LENOVO 530S-14IKB / 81EU0070BM1193.42  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB81EU0070BM 530S-14IKB81EU0070BMLENOVO I5-8 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD M2 PCIE BLUE SLIM 192563923305
Avl60112LENOVO YG330-11IGM /81A60062BM825.97  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81A60062BM YG330-11IGM 81A60062BMLENOVO PEN 4G INT 11.6 HD M2 SATA GREY SLIM TOUCH 193268061927
Avl56927LENOVO YG510-15IKB /80VC002KBM1418.85  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80VC002KBM YG510-15IKB80VC002KBMLENOVO I7-7 8G R7-M460 256GB SSD 15.6 FHD WIN10 BLACK TOUCH 192563923541
Avl56421LENOVO YG500-15ISK /80R6007EBM1627.56  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80R6007EBM YG500-15ISK80R6007EBMLENOVO I7-6 8G GT940MX 15.6 FHD WIN10 BLACK TOUCH
Avl56944LENOVO YG510-14IKB /80VB0096BM1586.41  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80VB0096BM YG510-14IKB80VB0096BMLENOVO I7-7 8G R5-M430 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 BLACK THIN TOUCH
Call56873LENOVO YG510-14ISK /80S700H6BM959.49  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80S700H6BM YG510-14ISK80S700H6BMPEN 4G INT 128GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 BLACK THIN
Avl58299LENOVO YG520-14IKB/ 80X800TBBM1402.19  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80X800TBBM YG520-14IKB80X800TBBMLENOVO I3-7 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE BLACK THIN TOUCH
Avl58089LENOVO YG520-14IKB/ 80X800M7BM1185.25  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80X800M7BM YG520-14IKB80X800M7BMLENOVO I3-7 4G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE GREY THIN TOUCH
Avl56643LENOVO YG520-14IKB/ 80X800XPBM1469.28  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80X800XPBM YG520-14IKB80X800XPBMLENOVO I5-7 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE GOLDEN THIN TOUCH
Avl58051LENOVO YG520-14IKB/ 80X800M6BM1126.50  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /80X800M6BM YG520-14IKB80X800M6BMLENOVO I3-7 4G INT 128GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE GOLD THIN TOUCH
Call59648LENOVO YG530-14IKB \81EK00BMBM1167.89  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81EK00BMBM YG530-14IKB81EK00BMBMI3-8 4G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE BLACK THIN
Call59649LENOVO YG530-14IKB /81EK00BLBM1167.89  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81EK00BLBM YG530-14IKB81EK00BLBMLENOVO I3-8 4G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE BLUE THIN
Call59655LENOVO YG530-14IKB \81EK00BTBM1711.11  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81EK00BTBM YG530-14IKB81EK00BTBMLENOVO I7-8 8G MX130 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE BLACK THIN 193268098534
Avl60543LENOVO YG530-14IKB /81EK00RFBM1460.75  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81EK00RFBM YG530-14IKB81EK00RFBMLENOVO I5-8 8G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE BLUE THIN TOUCH 193268098534
Avl60973LENOVO YG530-14IKB /81EK00RJBM1585.43  BGN  LENOVOSlim and Light / 12-15 inch /81EK00RJBM YG530-14IKB81EK00RJBMLENOVO I5-8 8G MX130 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE BLUE THIN TOUCH
Avl60970LENOVO YG530-14IKB /81EK0149BM1191.64  BGN  LENOVOIntel Core I3 /Internal VGA81EK0149BM YG530-14IKB81EK0149BMLENOVO I5-3 4G INT 256GB SSD 14 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE GRAY THIN TOUCH
Avl59775LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81FV007NBM1251.78  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FV007NBM Y530-15ICH81FV007NBMLENOVO I5-8 8G GTX1050 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK KBLIGHT
Call59780LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81FV0077BM1585.98  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FV0077BM Y530-15ICH81FV0077BMLENOVO I7-8 8G GTX1050Ti 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK KBLIGHT
Call60058LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81FV00UVBM1385.65  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FV00UVBM Y530-15ICH 81FV00UVBMLENOVO I5-8 8G GTX1050 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK KBLIGHT 193268098909
Call60059LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81FV00UWBM1460.97  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FV00UWBM Y530-15ICH 81FV00UWBMLENOVO I5-8 8G GTX1050Ti 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK KBLIGHT 193268098916
Call60061LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81FV00SLBM1753.03  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FV00SLBM Y530-15ICH 81FV00SLBMLENOVO I7-8 8G GTX1050Ti 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK 193268070004
Avl60571LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81LB004PBM2084.54  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081LB004PBM Y530-15ICH81LB004PBMLENOVO I7-8 16G GTX1060 15.6 FHD 144HZ M2 PCIE BLACK KBLIGHT 193268118478
Avl60573LENOVO Y530-15ICH / 81FV00WXBM1444.25  BGN  LENOVOGaming Middle /VGA GTX1050-106081FV00WXBM Y530-15ICH81FV00WXBMLENOVO I5-8 8G GTX1050Ti 15.6 FHD M2 PCIE BLACK KBLIGHT
Avl58300LENOVO YG720-13IKB/ 81C30072BM2729.92  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB81C30072BM YG720-13IK81C30072BMLENOVO I7-8 16G INT 512GB SSD 13.3 UHD WIN10 M2 PCIE PLATINIUM SLIM KBLIGHT TOUCH
Avl58303LENOVO YG720-15IKB/80X7009QBM2145.92  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB80X7009QBM YG720-15IKB80X7009QBMLENOVO I5-7 8G GTX1050 256GB SSD 15.6 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE PLATINIUM TOUCH
Call58301LENOVO YG720-13IKB/ 81C30074BM2153.75  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB81C30074BM YG720-13IKB81C30074BMI7-8 8G INT 512GB SSD 13.3 FHD WIN10 M2 PCIE COPPER 192563923794
Avl55698LENOVO YG900S-12ISK/80ML005PBM2212.55  BGN  LENOVOUltrabook And Powerful and Light NB80ML005PBM YG900S-12ISK80ML005PBMLENOVO M7-6 8G INT 512GB SSD 12.5 QHD WIN10 M2 PCIE SILVER TOUCH

All prices are in BGN and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers prices