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Qty*** HP_ ***1.2.
C9368AE_100 GREY PH CRTG/EXP12.5312.53  USD  
C9359AE_59 GRAY PH CRTG/EXP12.1612.16  USD  
C9415A_NO38 CYAN INKCARTR/EXP14.3914.39  USD  
C9459A_NO70 130ML CRTG/EXP25.1525.15  USD  
C6657GE_NO57 COL SMALL CRT/EXP7.667.66  USD  
C9413A_NO38 PHOTO BLCK INK CRT14.4014.40  USD  
C6628AE_NO19 BLACKCARTR/EXP15.7515.75  USD  
C6614DE_NO20 BLACKCARTR/EXP15.5115.51  USD  
C4944A_83UV LIGHT CYAN INK/EXP110.46110.46  USD  
C4945A_83 UV LIGHT MAG INC/EXP110.46110.46  USD  
C4941A_83 UV CYAN INK/EXP110.46110.46  USD  
C9458A_NO70 130ML BLUE /EXP 33.0333.03  USD  
C4803A_NO10 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C4802A_NO10 MAGENTA PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C4801A_NO10 CYAN PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C5023A_NO12 BLACK PRINT /EXP33.1033.10  USD  
C4814AE_NO13 BLACK INK /EXP11.4011.40  USD  
C4804A_NO12 CYAN CARTRIDGE/EXP28.8628.86  USD  
C6658AE_NO58 PHOTO /EXP11.8011.80  USD  
C9470A_NO91 PGMNY CYAN /EXP110.25110.25  USD  
C9416A_NO38 MAGENTA INK /EXP13.9913.99  USD  
C1809A_DJ YELLOW INK/EXP88.7188.71  USD  
C1808A_DJ MAGENTA INK/EXP88.7188.71  USD  
CB334AE_NO54 SMALL BLACK /EXP13.9413.94  USD  
CH566A_PEGASUS CYAN (28ML /EXP11.0511.05  USD  
CH567A_PEGASUS MAGENTA 28 /EXP11.7211.72  USD  
CH568A_PEGASUS YELLOW 28 /EXP11.5911.59  USD  
CH644A_771 DESIGNJET /EXP30.7430.74  USD  
CM991A_761 400ML MTE BLK /EXP66.3366.33  USD  
CB339A_70 MATTE BLACK INK /EXP55.7455.74  USD  
C1823GE_NO23 TRICOLOR CRTG/EXP11.8111.81  USD  
C9483A_91 CYAN /3PCS /EXP303.50303.50  USD  
C9486A_91 LIGHT CYAN/3PCS /EXP303.50303.50  USD  
C9398A_HP 72 PHO. CYAN CRT/EXP20.6920.69  USD  
C9414A_NO38 LIGHT GREY /EXP14.1314.13  USD  
C9390A_130ML LCYAN CRTG /EXP33.6833.68  USD  
C9387AE_NO.88 MAGENTA MED/EXP6.996.99  USD  
51640CE_NO40 CYANCARTR/EXP15.4815.48  USD  
C4846A_HP NO80 CYAN CARTR./EXP67.3167.31  USD  
C4872A_CYAN CARTRIDGE /EXP41.2541.25  USD  
C8771EE_HP 363 CYAN SM CRT/EXP4.874.87  USD  
C5018A_NO84 LIGHT MAG/EXP 19.6019.60  USD  
C5017A_NO84 LIGHT CYAN/EXP 19.6019.60  USD  
C5004A_83 UV LIGHT CYAN/EXP 135.37135.37  USD  
C4923AE_NO14 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C4961A_83 UV CYAN HEAD /EXP 86.3986.39  USD  
C4873A_YELLOWCARTR/EXP51.0251.02  USD  
C4874A_MAGENTACARTR/EXP41.2541.25  USD  
51625AE_NO25 COLOR CRTG / EXP15.3715.37  USD  
51633ME_NO33 BLACKCARTR/EXP13.0013.00  USD  
51629AE_NO29 BLACKCARTR/EXP15.7715.77  USD  
C4940A_83 UV BLACK INK/EXP 110.46110.46  USD  
C4932A_81 DYE MAGENTA INK/EXP 88.3688.36  USD  
C4931A_81 DYE CYAN INK/EXP 88.3688.36  USD  
C1893A_DESIGJET CYAN UV/EXP 122.09122.09  USD  
C1892A_DESIGJET BLACK UV/EXP 122.09122.09  USD  
51640ME_NO40 MAGENTACARTR/EXP15.4815.48  USD  
51640YE_NO40 YELLOWCARTR/EXP15.4815.48  USD  
51649AE_NO49 COLORCARTR/EXP16.0816.08  USD  
51649NE_NO49 COLOR CRTG / EXP 9.479.47  USD  
Q1899B OPAQUE SCRIM 42X50180.17180.17  USD  
C5011DE_NO14 BLACKCARTR/EXP10.4810.48  USD  
C5010DE_NO14 COLORCARTR/EXP13.9013.90  USD  
C4920AE_NO14 BLACK PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C4922AE_NO14 MAGEN PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C5060A_HP90 CYAN INK CRTG/EXP 66.0666.06  USD  
C5020A_PRINTH/EXP CYAN/EXP 19.4419.44  USD  
C9435A_NO.85 L.MAGENTA/EXP 40.4140.41  USD  
C9434A_NO.85 L.CYAN/EXP 40.4140.41  USD  
C9433A_NO.85 YELLOW/EXP 40.4140.41  USD  
C9432A_NO.85 MAGENTA/EXP 35.9335.93  USD  
C9431A_NO.85 CYAN/EXP 35.9335.93  USD  
C9430A_N0.84 3-INK MULTYPA/EXP39.3039.30  USD  
C9408A_70 BLUE-GREEN HEAD/EXP 28.5328.53  USD  
CG927EE_VALUE PACK /EXP 12.1412.14  USD  
CC656AE_HP901 COLOR CRTG/EXP 7.947.94  USD  
CB304AE_110 TRI-COLOR /EXP 10.3210.32  USD  
CB333EE_363 INKJET CRTG /EXP 12.6712.67  USD  
Q7948EE_343 SERIES PH.PACK/EXP9.659.65  USD  
C5064A_HP90 YELLOW CRTG/EXP 66.0666.06  USD  
C5062A_NO90 MAGENTA /EXP 66.0666.06  USD  
C4921AE_NO14 CYAN PRINTH/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C4842AE_NO10 YELLOWCARTR/EXP15.2715.27  USD  
C4817AE_NO13 YELL INK CRTG/EXP12.2212.22  USD  
C4815AE_NO13 CYAN INK CRTG/EXP12.2212.22  USD  
C4806A_NO12 YELLOWCARTR/EXP31.1031.10  USD  
C9406A_70 MAG+YELL HEAD/EXP 27.1727.17  USD  
C9361EE_HP 342 TRI-COLOR/EXP 8.038.03  USD  
C8775EE_HP 363 LT MAGNT SM/EXP4.874.87  USD  
C8773EE_363 YELLOW SM CRT/EXP 4.874.87  USD  
C4805A_NO12 MAGENTACARTR/EXP16.4916.49  USD  
C4821A_NO.80 CYAN PRINTH/EXP75.0875.08  USD  
C4822A_NO80 MAGENTA PRINTH/EXP75.0875.08  USD  
C9457A_NO70 130ML GREEN /EXP 33.0333.03  USD  
C4823A_NO.80 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP75.0875.08  USD  
C5026A_NO12 YELLOW PRINTH/EXP34.2634.26  USD  
C5025A_NO12 MAGENTA PRINTH/EXP34.2634.26  USD  
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* All prices are in USD and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers’ prices.